Finance Facility Design and Management Services

The Microgrid Investment Accelerator  

Electric Capital Management serves as the management company for the Microgrid Investment Accelerator (MIA). The Microgrid Investment Accelerator was launched at the U.N. Sustainable Energy For All Forum in April 2017, by Founding Partners Facebook, Microsoft and Allotrope Partners. This first-of-its-kind blended capital financing facility seeks to mobilize ~$100 million between 2018-2023 to expand energy access to communities that currently lack reliable, modern energy services in India, Indonesia and East Africa. The purpose of the facility is to fill critical financing gaps for energy access microgrids through the direct provision of debt and equity to microgrid project developers. MIA will test the commercial opportunity for microgrids and demonstrate how concessionary finance can unlock progressively larger proportions of private capital as risks are discovered, priced, and mitigated.

MIA Goals:

Visit the MIA Website: Microgrid Investment Accelerator

The LEDS GP Finance Working Group

The LEDS GP Finance Working Group supports developing countries in accelerating investment into low emission development through peer learning, targeted technical collaboration and innovative public private partnerships. Expert advisory and early mover support is also available to assist countries with innovative approaches to scaling up private investment in their LEDS priorities. Learn more.

The Finance Working Group is also teaming with the regional LEDS Platforms to convene communities of practice on: Clean energy mini-grids financing in Africa and Clean energy project finance in Asia. See below for more details.

The African Mini-grid Community of Practice

The African Mini-grid Community of Practice (AMG-CoP) engages over 10 countries in Africa on mini-grids, looking at technical, regulatory and financial barriers and solutions. In 2017, discussions and training focused on quality assurance frameworks and tariff setting. In 2018, the AMG-CoP will focus on facilitating peer learning and providing technical assistance on financing and policies for mini-grid systems. Learn more.

The Asia NDC Finance Community of Practice

The goal of the Asia NDC Finance Community of Practice is to address real-time finance, policy and technical challenges to rapidly accelerate investment flows into clean energy implementation efforts across the Asia region. In 2018,  the NDC Finance CoP will give initial priority to learning and technical collaboration on two broad categories: 1.) Lowering the cost and risk of capital, and 2.) Attracting private finance through smart policy and enabling environments. Learn more.