The potential of mini-grids 

Ernst & Young - October 2017

Ben Warren, Rober Seiter

In large parts of sub-Saharan Africa and other remote areas, up to two-thirds of people have no access to electricity. How attractive is the mini-grid market? (Read more)


Mini-grid developers get ready for debt capital to scale up access to clean energy

ImpactAlpha - October 2017

Willie Brent

Mini-grids, small community-based power plants and distribution systems, could provide more than 40% of the connections needed to deliver clean power to the world’s 1 billion people who still don’t have access to reliable electricity. (Read more)


The Brief: Unlocking the blue economy, microfinance exit, Make Our Planet Great Again, scaling mini-grids

ImpactAlpha - October 2017

Daily Newsletter

Engaging local communities to unlock investment in the Blue Economy. Poor fisheries management around the world means foregone economic benefits of about $83 billion a year. One key to recovering that loss: local community engagement in fisheries management and recovery. (Read more)


Finance Focus: Mini-grids meet their

Power for All - September 2017

William Brent

"New investors are interested in mini-grids, but they look at companies and say 'They are not ready for us'," says Katrina Pielli, senior energy advisor for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). "It's exhausting for investors to go through 16-tab spreadsheets with no..(Read more)