The Electric Capital Difference


The mission of Electric Capital Management (ECM) is to accelerate the global transition to the low carbon energy economy. ECM designs and manages blended capital facilities that accelerate private capital flows into key low carbon market segments and provides specialized and high-impact climate finance advisory services. Electric Capital Management balances environmental, economic and social development outcomes with the financial return requirements of our partners.  


Catalyze Capital

ECM catalyzes capital through design and management of finance facilities and partnerships that fill critically important gaps in the low carbon finance landscape. ECM's finance work focuses on "de-risking" private sector investment through replicable and scalable investment vehicles to blend various sources of commercial and concessionary capital.

Facilitate Solutions

ECM works across the public, private and philanthropic sectors to accelerate the pace and scale of change on the ground. Electric Capital Management brings diverse groups together through expert facilitation to innovate and scale solutions that meet the needs of a rapidly evolving market. 

Educate Stakeholders 

ECM undertakes rigorous data collection, analysis and dissemination on key investment opportunities in low carbon market segments. We design evaluation and monitoring systems that capture learnings, inform relevant stakeholders, and enable key constituents to stay abreast of changes in the rapidly evolving field of low carbon investment.